40 days of “Prayerful Acts”- Lent 2020

Feb 26th to April 11th.

Lent marks a pivotal point in the history of the church, when Jesus prepared to give himself up as a sacrifice. Traditions has it that we mark the 40 days of Lent by giving something up, but what if it could be more than that? What if Lent were to become a preparation for a lifetime of big-heartedness?

St. Paul’s Bible Study group invites you to take part in 40 days of “Prayerful Acts”. The key is that small acts of Prayerfulness have the power to make a big difference to ourselves, our community, our church and ultimately the world. It’s about creating a movement of prayerfulness every day!

Click here to access the resource 40 acts of prayfulness 2020

The congregation of St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church have moved to The Mount Community Centre and taking up residence in the Heritage Room and adjoining office.


The office for St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church at The Mount Community Centre is closed until further notice during the COVID19 outbreak. Emails and telephone messages will be monitored regularly.

Please join us for a brief time of worship and reflection BY TELEPHONE at 10 a.m. starting Sunday March 29th.

Dial 1 866 602 6845 and when prompted, enter the numbers 5743584, followed by the pound key #.

Thank you.

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